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Are you in the UK and looking for a Business Idea?

Great news! At ​Businesss Ideas UK we're all about helping budding entrepreneurs just like you. Our mission is to collect business ideas, review them, test them and then show you how to execute them. We want to give you executable business ideas in a box. Today we are sharing with you our newest idea. We've tested it, and we're ready to share it.

Business Ideas UK For You

​Ready to become a technology entrepreneur?

Start your own technology business by building on a successful formula.

So, do you want to cash in on the technology boom? The problem is building a great product is difficult and expensive. We've been looking at ways to build a technology business with the lowest investment possible. We think we've found the answer, and it's making huge waves state side. 

​What's so great about this busines?

​I'm a father of two. I do school pickups and drop offs. This business idea works around my schedule. It is something you need to spend time on, but not something you need to spend money on. I work on it when my kids are at school and when they get home I'm free for family time. 

  • ​Work on your own time, when you have time.
  • ​With this business you are your boss
  • Family and life comes first. Use the business to fund your life.
  • ​​No investment needed, just your time.
  • ​You could work on this full time but a few hours a day would be enough to start earning.
  • ​You'll own your own business!

Is this proven to work?

The biggest risk when starting your own business is knowing whether or not it'll work. The reality is that the majority of businesses fail within the first year. So how do you pursue a business idea that has the lowest risk? Find one that has already workedand push it to a new market. 

This business idea has already worked in the USA.

Is it low risk?

This is a free to join programme. That means there is no risk to you except for your time. There are some tools we recommend you use to help you to promote the product but it's optional. These will be shared with you in out training programme. 

Free to start - zero risk

If it's so great why isn't everyone doing it?

Well, nobody said it was easy. This business idea will only work if you can work hard promoting it and follow the step by step training programme. The training is completely FREE. With any business idea there are of course no guarantees, but at least with this product there's no financial risk.

​Most business ideas fail, what makes this different?

​We can't make you work harder, or give you or time in the day. We can't guarantee success or tell you this is a magic bullet. No, this idea will take hard work. What we can do is give you a free training course. If you're ready to take the your first small business steps then we are here to support you. Start the free 100 day training and follow a winning formula for building your business idea from an acorn to an oak. Skip the mistakes and establish a successful business.